Direct Mail has the stamp of authority!

It's good news.

Under ‘legitimate interest’ rules, GDPR doesn’t extend to Direct Mail as a media for contacting protects, lapsed, existing clients.

Providing you abide by any data subjects wishes to opt out on request. No consents are necessary for Postal Marketing. GDPR compliant data can be purchased too when profiling.


This is great for the future of Direct Mail , print and marketeers!

We can even analyse your old database and provide a free data audit to identify bereaved, goneaways, MPS (Mail preference Service).

GDPR however is forecast to decimate email, telesales and SMS marketing which may  be illegal,  unless recipients have  specifically ‘opted in’ and these requests can be evidenced.  Some of our clients are even using Direct Mail to seek those opt ins or point them to re-engage via their web site and request opt ins.

This is covered under our ISO27001 Security certification and company privacy

Document Despatch is data secure with measures to destroy data on completion of mailing as requested by our clients..  We store data in a secure manner (off line)  and respect client wishes with data retention / destruction abiding by your signed mutual data handling form (available on request).

Good practise key notes



Our free data audit will give you an estimated breakdown of possible duplicates, deceased and goneaway records

We are here to help!

Document Despatch are here to help , so if you have any questions call or arrange an appointment , we can support your plans.

In a nutshell we are delighted with the ICO guidance, long live Direct Mail!

Get the GDPR Key Facts

Click the link below to download a copy of the “GDPR The Key Facts” factsheet which is also available from The Mailmen website.


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