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Spine calculator

Use the form below to calculate the required spine width of your book/catalogue

Number of pages pages
Paper weight gsm

your spine thickness is:

Pack Weight Calculation

Use this form to calculate the total printed pack weight of your book/catalogue.

Step 1. Dimension

Height of publication (mm)
Width of publication (mm)

Step 2. Text Details

Page QTY
(Number of printed pages)
printed pages
Page Stock Weight (gsm)

Step 3. Outer Cover

Outer Cover Required?
Cover Stock Weight (gsm)

Step 4. Mailing

Are you mailing your publication?
Envelope/Package Type

Step 5. Reply Envelope

Undersized DL Reply Envelope (BRE) Required?

Step 6. Final Publication Weight

your publication weight is:

* Note: This calculator is theoretical, and to be used as a guide only. Pack weights are subject to slight manufacturing and printing tolerances

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