Document Despatch is a JICMAIL partner

Document Despatch is a JICMAIL partner so what is JICMAIL and what will you discover with JICMAIL?

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Essential insight tool  for mail

JICMAIL provides the same metrics for mail that are available for other channels and are used by planners regularly to help plan media campaigns.

What does JICMAIL measure and why do we measure it

As with the majority of other Joint Industry Currencies (JICS), JICMAIL is a media planning currency that measures the media consumption habits of key advertiser target audiences. It measures the ‘reach ‘of mail campaigns, the ‘frequency’ with which audiences are exposed to (or interact with) their mail, the ad impressions generated by mail campaigns, along with a whole host of commercial outcomes for advertisers.

JICMAIL generates mail media metrics that are equivalent to BARB’s measurement of TV viewership, RAJAR for Radio listenership or PAMCO for publisher readership. JICMAIL data is also fused with longstanding media planning surveys, IPA TOUCHPOINTS and TGI.

JICMAIL data allows marketers access to data for media planning and measurement of reach and frequency within defined audiences to allow efficient and effective cross channel media planning, measurement and evaluation.

JICMAIL further measures commercial outcomes taken as a result of receiving mail to allow for more accurate attribution of online browsing, brand discussions in the home and other upper funnel consumer behaviours previously not attributed to mail. Purchases and store visits are also measured.

JICMAIL subscribers also have access to our brand database that allows them to analyse the mail journeys of specific brands and competitors allowing insights by brand (sender) for targeting and outcomes based on actions taken with received commercial mail.

How is the mail usage measured?

JICMAIL together with Kantar have developed a diary-based mobile app that is used by panellists to capture mail activity in the household. The methodology developed has won awards from and been highly commended by the Market Research Society (MRS) and the Media Research Group (MRG).

How and by whom is the data used

Data is released to the industry quarterly and is available on all major media planning software platforms including Telmar, Kantar Choices and Nielsen IMS as well as free access, subject to registration and training, on the JICMAIL Discovery Portal,

The data is used in the Advertising industry by media planners, advertisers, media owners, data suppliers and mailing houses to pitch, plan, deliver and measure more efficiency and effective mail campaigns.

JICMAIL data is also fused with longstanding media analysis tools IPA TOUCHPOINTS and TGI and is available to subscribers on these platforms.

The JICMAIL methodology was piloted for two years prior to launch to ensure it accurately reflects actual behaviour with mail in the home as closely as possible. The panel are regularly communicated with and it is made clear they are to record their activity with mail to reflect their normal behaviour.

The 24,000 effective sample is large enough to infer nationally representative mail behaviours by industry sector and audience / demographic type. It is also large enough to measure mail behaviour for larger campaigns with sufficient volumes. Currently over 150,000 mail journeys have been recorded (As at Q2 2020).

Jicmail  measure the mail activity of everyone in the household (approx. 2.5 people per household). Therefore: approx. 1000 households x approx. 2 people per household x 12 months = approx. 24,000 responses a year.

The JICMAIL methodology and oversight is governed by a Technical Committee, chaired by an independent research expert. Oversight is provided by members drawn from the buy side and sell side of the industry and the IPA. The committee monitors the methodology and outputs for compliance, impartiality and accuracy.

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